Septic systems require periodic maintenance to keep in proper operation. What goes on in a septic system isn’t exactly something a homeowner wants to think about. However, septic systems and wells play an integral role in keeping a healthy home.

We install new septic systems and do all of our own excavating, so we can take your project from start to finish to make sure you get the most from your investment for years to come.

The technicians at Halverson Plumbing Inc. are trained in the care, maintenance and installation of the most complicated septic systems.

We service residential and commercial systems such as:

  • Mound Systems

  • In-Ground Pressure Systems

  • Conventional Systems

  • Aerobic

  • Re-Hab Failing Systems

  • Sand Fitters

  • Experimental Systems

Most septic systems installed after 1985 have effluent filters, pumps, electronic controls, float switches, a complex system of diverter valves and buried pipes or a combination of all components. If left unchecked you could experience sewage back up or do unnecessary damage to the drainfield. We offer annual septic service at a reduced rate and currently have over a 100 customers with septic maintenance contracts that are located in Jackson, Clark and Monroe counties. The septic service we clean any filters, flush laterals, switch diverter valves, and check any electronics to try to catch any potential problems or lessen their effect.